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Update April 3, 2014

 Pumping has increased to 6,800 CFS in the Delta and this pumping will run for a short period of time in order to capture flows coming in from recent rain events. However, reports from fish agencies shows no potential damage for substantially increasing the pumps to capacity. In fact the amount of fish lost are less than 1% of allowed take for the past two months, while over 600,000 AF of water has gone out to the ocean. In addition the fisheries and SWRCB have 1,000,000 more acre feet behind Shasta than was available to them in 1976-77. 

Because of these issues, Friant Contractors, Exchange Contractors and others are pressing the SWRCB to relax the water quality requirement to 1977 levels. Hundreds of thousands of acre feet of water have gone out of the delta this year for fear that pumping would damage the estuary and harm native fish. Yet, in 1976-77 the Exchange Contractors and all of the Sacramento River contractors received 75% allocation, south of Delta received 25%, and Friant Contractors received 25% and we still have that estuary and the fishery, NO HARM DONE RIGHT!

How does 1976-77 compare to this year? All of the watersheds in California have already had more precipitation this year than all of 1976-77 (October 1, 1976-September 30, 1977) and we still have six months to go including April and May which typically deliver an inch or two at least.

The question is, if the delta survived 1976-1977 with less water and substantially more deliveries, why won't it survive 2013-2014 meeting the same water demand? 

The State faces significant shortages from the natural drought that is certain. But letting good water run out of the delta and into the ocean, or storing additional water all for the environment is a Bureaucratic blunder of immense proportion. Natural Resource Defense Council has flat out stated that if there are any errors in complying with outflow requirements, they will sue the state and federal governments.

Here is who we are dealing with on these decision:
The State of California Water Resource Control Board is run by city dwelling environmentalists. Cut and paste the following link to your browser to see who they are.

Weekly updates will occur by noon on Mondays or more frequently as necessary.

Next Board meeting is scheduled for April 8, 2014 at 2:00 PM at the Distirct Office.

Lindmore Irrigation District
P.O. Box 908
315 E. Lindmore Avenue
Lindsay, CA 93247

Board President
A Leroy Spulher

Board Vice-President
John Arnold

Division 1 - Ronnie Adam

Division 2 - Michael R. Brownfield

Division 3 - A. Leroy Spuhler

Division 4 - David DePaoli

Division 5 -John Arnold

General Manager
Michael D. Hagman

Michael D. Hagman

Marv Rowe
The Lindmore Irrigation District has been in existence since 1938.

The District is located in the east central portion of the San Joaquin Valley of California. The District receives water from Millerton Lake through Friant Dam and delivered to the District down the Friant-Kern Canal all facilities of the the Federal Central Valley Project.

The District delivers this water to about 1,000 meters to about 500 farmers on over 26,000 acres within the District boundaries.

The District is governed by five board members who give policy direction to a General Manager. The General Manager is tasked with managing the day to day affairs of the District and implementing the policies as directed by the governing body.

The District is a member of the Friant Water Authority/Friant Water Users' Authority who operates and maintains the Friant-Kern Canal for the Federal government. The District is also a member of the Friant Power Authority that owns, operates and maintains power facilities at Friant Dam.

Friant Dam and Friant-Kern Canal - For more information about these facilities or other Central Valley Project facilities click here.
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